Luxury inflatable boats

What is your definition of luxury? Is it the privilege of owning your own boat? Maybe it’s owning one of the best boats available on the market? Whatever it is, Highfield boats has one of the best ranges of inflatable boats Gold Coast has to offer.
Our range of inflatable boats Gold Coast starts from our modest roll up model through to our deluxe, luxury boats.

  • In fact, all together we have nine different models for you to choose from:

  • Roll up

  • Ultralite

  • Classic

  • Classic Deluxe

  • Ocean Master

  • Club

  • Deluxe

  • Patrol

  • Sport

Something that gives all our inflatable boats a touch of luxury is the high-quality materials we use. We use high tensile, marine grade aluminium for our hulls, which we powder coat and bake to create a smooth and resilient finish. The hull won’t soak up water meaning your Highfield inflatable boat will weigh the same a decade later as it did on day one of purchase.

Our tube fabrics are always from one of two leading European creators, Melher Texnologies in Germany or Pennel and Flipo in France.

Our deluxe range of boats include luxury features such as: high quality upholstery, brushed EVA teak flooring, internal LED lighting and so much more.

In just six short years, Highfield Boats has managed to become the world’s number one aluminium hulled RIB inflatable boat manufacturer. This achievement can not only be to the materials we use but also our standards. Each of our boats is strenuously tested to harsh ISO standards before it can leave our factory.

For inflatable boats Gold Coast, don’t go anywhere else. Whatever your definition of luxury, Highfield Boats has an inflatable boat to fit your needs and desires. Check out our website today or give our friendly team a call today for any questions.