World- Class Inflatable Boats

If you’re wanting to spend a day out on the harbour or escape to somewhere a little quieter, you want a boat that you can trust will handle any water conditions. That’s where Highfield boats comes in. We have some of the best inflatable boats Sydney has to offer.

We can say with confidence that our inflatable boats are world – class as within only 6 years of launching, Highfield boats managed to become the world’s number one aluminium hulled RIB inflatable boat manufacturer.

With dealers and distributors in 38 countries and over 15,000 boats sold to date worldwide it’s clear that Highfield boats is a favourite choice of boaters, from boat enthusiasts to international mariners, yacht clubs and families, all around the world.
A large factor that makes our inflatable boats Sydney world class is the materials we use as well as our suppliers and manufacturing process.

We only use superior materials for our boats. A unique feature you won’t find on any of our competitors’ boats is our exclusive powder-coated aluminium hulls. The aluminium is marine grade quality and won’t absorb water, meaning your boat will weigh the exact same in a decade from now as the day you purchased it. Our tube fabric is only ever from one of two European companies – Melher Texnologies in Germany or Pennel and Flipo in France.

Our manufacturer has their own factory (based in China), whereas many of our competitors choose instead to buy from Chinese suppliers. The manufacturing process is fully integrated – every component is made in house.

If you’ve been searching for world-class inflatable boats Sydney, you can’t go past Highfield boats. Get in touch with one of our friendly staff today or browse our boats on our website.