Deluxe Range- a Cut Above the Rest

Deluxe Range- a Cut Above the Rest

Whether you are after a tender or a long-distance family cruiser, our Deluxe boat range is a cut above the rest. The Deluxe boat range takes all that makes our Ocean Master range the toughest and most seaworthy RIB and combines it with elegance and luxury. Starting at 3.5m and ranging all the way up to 5.4m, there’s a Deluxe boat for everyone.  

Your deck is wide and clear thanks to internal fuel tanks and the integrated rear bench has an ample storage compartment. There’s plenty of room for life vests, snacks, drinks and any other kit for long rides or full days out on the water with family and friends. Better yet the carrying load of the Deluxe boat range is second to none.

Brushed EVA teak flooring is non- absorbent, non-slip, is comfortable and a great added safety measure allowing for better grip and stability when manoeuvring around the boat, even in wet conditions. It is also easy to maintain, stain resistant and can be pressure washed if needed.

Internal LED lighting is aesthetically pleasing, allows for great visibility even at night, another measure for improving safety as it provides better visibility when manoeuvring around the boat.

The high-quality upholstery is not only comfortable, but it also adds to the luxury look and feel in the Deluxe boat range as does the recessed cleats.

If you want the best in luxury and quality for your tender, the Deluxe boat range is unbeatable. Get in touch with the friendly Highfield Aluminium Boats team today to enquire about the Deluxe boat range.