Environmentally Friendly Boat Options

We know that more Australian’s are striving to become more environmentally friendly and looking for those options in all aspects of their lives. If you’ve been thinking of buying an inflatable tender, you’re already on the right track. We here at Highfield Boats understand the importance of companies working towards making their products more environmentally friendly. Following we will discuss just a few of the factors that make our inflatable tenders a more environmentally friendly boat option when compared to other boats.


The aluminium hulls on our inflatable tenders provide incredible strength to our boats whilst remaining lightweight. Being lighter, our boats require less horsepower to propel them thereby requiring smaller outboards that consume less fuel and emit less CO2.


Aluminium again comes into play as an environmentally friendly factor of our inflatable tenders. It is one of the largest components making up our inflatable tenders and is a completely recyclable material. Scrap aluminium is simply re- melted which is far less expensive and energy intensive than creating new aluminium, requiring only 5% of the energy used to make new aluminium. It is also one of the few products we have that is “infinitely recyclable” meaning it can be continuously recycled with no loss of quality.


We use powder coating for our inflatable tenders which is essentially paint in powder form. There are a lot of environmental advantages when compared to liquid paints such as: no volatile organic compounds, no solvents, excess powder can be gathered and recycled, and can be created using less energy.

At Highfield boats, when producing our inflatable tenders, our processes are non-polluting, and conserve energy and natural resources, reducing our environmental footprint. Call our friendly team today to see which of our inflatable tenders if right for you.