inflatable vs aluminum dinghy

Inflatable vs Aluminium Dinghy

For first time boat owners, it may be a bit confusing trying to decide what type of dinghy you want. Do you want to go with a classic aluminium dinghy or the increasingly popular inflatable RIB? Following we will compare a few points of the two to help you decide which option is the best for you.


A common issue for boat owners if finding the space to store it. If you have extra space at home to store your dinghy or are willing to rent storage space for your boat, an aluminium dinghy will be fine. But if you’re tight on space and budget, the inflatable RIB is a fantastic option. In the winter season when you don’t use it as often you can completely deflate it.


If you’re using your dingy for easy going cruising, island hopping or casual fishing, you’d probably be fine going with an aluminium dinghy.

But if you’re in need of something with a bit more speed and agility, you can’t go past an inflatable RIB. In fact, inflatable RIBs are a top choice for emergency watercraft as its lightweight build allows it to reach top speeds even with a smaller motor.


If you’re a bit unsteady on your feet, an inflatable RIB is the better option for you. The hard-hull and inflatable-collar combine to provide greater stability compared to aluminium dinghies. This may be especially pertinent if you are planning on having small children, elderly people, or those with mobility issues as passengers in the boat.

If you’re interested in an inflatable RIB, check out our range. Give our friendly team a call today to discuss your needs and find out which inflatable RIB is right for you.