Selecting Inflatable Boat

Selecting The Right Rigid Inflatable Boat

Established in 2011, Highfield Boats has managed to become the world’s number one aluminium hulled rigid inflatable boat manufacturer in just 6 short years. Now that’s impressive. Also impressive is our range of RIBs. Following we will give a brief overview of our boats and their features to help you determine which is the best for you.


We have 9 different boats on offer:

  • Roll Up
  • Ultralite
  • Classic
  • Classic Deluxe
  • Ocean Master
  • Club
  • Deluxe
  • Patrol
  • Sport


The Roll Up is compact and economical, making it the perfect as a ship-to-shore tender.

The Ultralite, as the name suggest, is the ideal for those wanting the lightest possible, hard hulled tender. These amazing little boats can be launched and recovered by one person and transport is effortless, as they can be put on a roof rack.

The Classic is the perfect all-rounder. Tough and lightweight, these boats are fantastic for beach hopping with family and friends.

The Classic Deluxe is your next level up, with everything we love about the Classic but more luxurious features.

The Ocean Master is renowned as the strongest, most efficient seaworthy RIB for its size available.

The Club is unbeatable for balancing both practicality and performance. Lightweight, durable, and spacious, an ideal boat for the sailing club environment.

The Deluxe range takes all the best features of the Ocean Master and matches with the looks and feel of a family RIB.

The Patrol is made to withstand the roughest conditions, capable of being a family cruiser or workboat.

Finally, the Sport combines power with luxury features. Perfect for fun filled, adventurous days turn relaxing afternoons sunbathing and jumping in the water.

Have more questions about which rigid inflatable boat is right for you? Get in touch with the friendly Highfield Boats team today to answer any queries.