Why Dinghies are great for first time boat owners

Becoming a first-time boat owner is such a rewarding and exciting experience that can be a little bit daunting at the same time. There can be so many new things to learn about the boating world and the choices of boats are almost endless. There are so many reasons why a dinghy is an excellent choice for first time boat owners, and today we’ll be discussing a few of those.


Forget the need for special products and spending hours cleaning your boat after a day out. All our inflatable dinghies need is a wash with soapy water and they’re good to go.
There’s also not much in the way of maintenance for a dinghy. Mainly, you just need to keep it protected from harsh weather conditions, wash after use, and remove any foreign objects to prevent staining or perforation.


You don’t have to wait until the kids are out of the house and you’re retired with decades worth of savings to afford own your own boat. Not only is price of a dinghy lower than most other types of boats, but many of the general expenses incurred with owning a boat are also lower.
Our inflatable dinghies are far lighter than other boats, with their lightweight yet durable aluminium hulls. They require a smaller motor, less horsepower, and less fuel and yet can move a considerable amount of weight and people for their size.


Our inflatable dinghy’s can be rolled up for storage, meaning you require truly little space to store your boat when not in use. Paying for storage of a boat in a marina or dry dock can easily end up costing upwards for $10,000 a year.

For first time boat owners who are after an affordable, easy to care for, yet powerful and strong boat, a dinghy should be your first choice. To find out more about our range of dinghies, visit our website or call one of the friendly Highfield Boat team members today for a chat.