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Your guide to the Ocean Master

Our Ocean Master is the RIB that is known as the toughest and most seaworthy RIB for its size on the market. Following we will discuss an overview and the features of the Ocean Master to show you why it’s so renowned.

The Ocean Master is a flexible and adaptable boat, giving it an outstanding range to suit almost any need. It’s suitable to be a family- friendly RIB, a hardworking support vessel or luxury tender. For those seeking a compact, convenient, and practical boat, the smallest size of 3.5m model is the winner. For those seeking the ultimate in luxury, the top size in the range, the 5.4m model is the size to choose. There are more sizes in between for all your other boating needs.

Whatever model you end up choosing, you can rest assured that your Ocean Master will last through even the toughest of conditions. With internal under-deck fuel tanks, a non-slip self-draining deck (OM420 upwards) and 24 degrees dead rise (OM500 upwards) you can take on whatever conditions the water throws at you with confidence. The Ocean Master’s light weight and integrated davit lifting eyes make it a breeze to launch, tow or recover.

You don’t have to worry about gel coat chips and other damage when loading onto your trailer or putting it on the beach as the aluminium hulls have impermeable qualities.  You can be confident knowing that your Ocean Master will last and perform the same in a decade as it does the day you buy it.

If you want the toughest, most seaworthy rib for it’s size, choose the Ocean Master. Call our friendly team today to enquire about the Ocean Master.